Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act

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Robin Light's client was in his prime: mid-twenties and all-American. But Bryan Hayes was no happy-go-lucky guy. For four months he had been looking for his sister, Melissa, a college sophomore who waved goodbye outside her dorm and disappeared without a trace. Everyone from the university's head of security to the dean and the police have their theories about what happened to her. And so does Bryan. He's blaming it on frat boy charmer, Tommy West, Melissa's ex-boyfriend. But Robin is developing a theory of her own. If Melissa met with foul play, why did she take her clothes, her purse, and her cash? If it was such a well-planned vanishing act why is Tommy so reluctant to talk? And why does Jill Evans, Melissa's best friend and fatal victim of a bizarre accident, keep figuring into the picture? It's all as baffling as Melissa's disappearance. Combing the campus for clues, Robin has suddenly found herself moving to the head of the class, and closer to the most challenging mystery of her career. Where it will lead she is afraid to guess, but the secret pasts of a surprising array of suspects are about to come to light, placing Robin in deadly jeopardy. . .and forcing her into a desperate gamble for the truth.Because the room was in the back, I hadna#39;t seen it the first time Ia#39;d been in the house. ... A guy who colorcoordinates his beer with the decor cana#39;t be all bada€” although I had a feeling Mrs. Hayes wouldna#39;t have seen her sona#39;s interior decorating style that way. ... For the second time in as many minutes, Bryan eyes shifted to the newspaper article Ia#39;d laid out on the kitchen table and then back up at me.

Title:Vanishing Act
Author:Barbara Block
Publisher:Kensington Publishing Corp. - 1999-09-01


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