Varmint Rifles and Cartridges

Varmint Rifles and Cartridges

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A thorough guide, Varmint Rifles and Cartridges provides detailed information about getting started in varmint hunting, selecting the best rifles for the job, and choosing your cartridges and other components. The text is supplemented by more than one hundred detailed photographs that illustrate the various types of rifles and cartridges available for varmint hunters. Varmint Rifles and Cartridges presents information about the history of varmint hunting and how those original rifles differ from the most popular rifles and cartridges available for varmint hunters on the market today. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a particular cartridge, including the: a€c.204 Ruger a€c.223 Remington a€c.220 Swift a€c.243 Winchester a€c.257 Roberts At the end of each chapter, author C. T. Richards demonstrates how each cartridge and rifle performs through the results of range tests and trajectory tests he conducted himself. A varmint hunter since the 1950s, Richards is more than qualified to grade these products and offer advice on varmint hunting in general. The content of Varmint Rifles and Cartridges will appeal to readers considering varmint hunting for the first time, as well those who have previously acquired some experience in using these tools.DBI Books Modern Reloading, 2nd Edition By Richard Lee Lee Precision Norma Reloading Manual Norma Staff Norma ... Sierra Rifleand HandgunReloading Data, 5thEdition Sierra Bullets Speer Reloading Manual#14 Speer Bulletsanbsp;...

Title:Varmint Rifles and Cartridges
Author:Charles T. Richards
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2013-11-20


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