Vegas Hustler

Vegas Hustler

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Clancy O'Hara was born a Pisces on March 3, 1955. The same year as Rock and Roll and Disneyland. He was friends with Quentin Tarantino and Quentin's success with Pulp Fiction inspired Clancy to write this hard boiled crime novel. The characters are real life X-Men. They think of themselves as mutants and they conspire to rob a Las Vegas casino. Clancy published the award winning Pulp: A Fiction Magazine and won an honorable mention in Year's Best Fantasy and Horror for his short story The Asylum Choir.Nexus One. Fuck it. I loved him too. a€œHello, Seamus. I tracked your fuckina#39; ass down. And you and I are going to have all the money and all the pussy in Vegas.a€ he said ... a€œNo sweat, Irish, a€ he said and slapped a hundred dollar bill on an empty space on my table. I promptly busted ... Hea#39;d bite off a piece of the beer glass he was drinking out of and drool blood just to freak people out. ... After the monks he lived with friends and managed to finish high school and then joined the service.

Title:Vegas Hustler
Author:Clancy O'Hara
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-09-21


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