Vegetarian to Vegan

Vegetarian to Vegan

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Vegetarians across the world are wondering if it is time to take the final step and become a vegan. And they're asking many of the same questions: What is inhumane about eating dairy products? What's wrong with eating organic, cage-free, free-range eggs? Doesn't a vegetarian diet that includes fat-free dairy and yolk-free egg products already offer protection against chronic diseases? How does a little creamer in my coffee contribute to global warming? Isn't hard to be vegan if you travel, have client dinners, or eat out a lot socially. And, is it really possible to give up cheese? If these questions have been going through your mind, this book was written just for you. Sarah delves deeply into the issues specific to dairy and eggs that you need to know to help you make an informed decision about whether to adopt a vegan diet. You'll find the motivation you need to make the change, the tools you need to succeed, and recipes by award-winning vegan chef Mark Reinfeld that prove how delicious life can be...without dairy and eggs.Commercial Chicken Production Manual (4th ed.). Van Nostrand Reinhold. pp. 297, 315. housingspacefeedwater. United Egg Producers. Appleby, M.C.; J.A. Mench and B.O. Hughesanbsp;...

Title:Vegetarian to Vegan
Author:Sarah Taylor
Publisher:Book Publishing Company - 2014-02-04


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