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Metaphor, as an act of human fancy, combines ideas in improbable ways to sharpen meanings of life and experience. Theoretically, this arises from an association between a sign-for example, a cattle car-and its referent, the Holocaust. These qsign-vehiclesq serve as modes of semiotic transportation through conceptual space. Likewise, on-the-ground vehicles can be rich metaphors for the moral imagination. Following on this insight, Vehicles presents a collection of ethnographic essays on the metaphoric significance of vehicles in different cultures. Analyses include canoes in Papua New Guinea, pedestrians and airplanes in North America, lowriders among Mexican-Americans, and cars in contemporary China, Japan, and Eastern Europe, as well as among African-Americans in the South. Vehicles not only qcarry people around, q but also qcarryq how they are understood in relation to the dynamics of culture, politics and history.1938. The Culture of Cities. New York: Harcourt, Brace aamp; World. New Jersey [NJ]. 1960. Drivera#39;s Manual. Department of Law and Public Safety. New York State [NY ]. 1951a€“1962. Drivera#39;s Manual. Albany: Bureau/Department of Motor Vehicles.

Author:David Lipset, Richard Handler
Publisher:Berghahn Books - 2014-08-15


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