Venting, Somebody Had to Say It

Venting, Somebody Had to Say It

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If you are a Tea Party Supporter, a Baby Boomer, or a Grass Root Independent, you will find Venting, amusing, and thought provoking. Venting is a book of over two hundred and fifty short topics about real life observations. Topics such as; American haters, Bailouts, Celebrity rehab, Common sense, Christmas attacks, Death penalty, Fear, Immigration, Old farts, Rednecks, Sanctuary cities, Stupid lawsuits, Stop or IAcA€A™ll shoot, Tasers, and Obama overload. Venting was written by someone, perhaps like you, who doesnAcA€A™t know whether to laugh or cry about todayAcA€A™s society. This book is for the average American who loves their family, loves their country and questions the path our society is on. Some topics will make you laugh, smile, and think. Some topics will make you shake your head. Some actually make common sense. All in all, an enjoyable read. Be careful, for this book could start you Venting!!!!!If you did you probably found out that connection cables are not included. So you ... cable. Next you just have to hook up the new DVD player/recorder. ... Now you want to hook up your new television to your 6 channel surround sound system.

Title:Venting, Somebody Had to Say It
Author:Harry Webster - 2010-06


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