Video Verite and Other Stories

Video Verite and Other Stories

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In our media-saturated world, the line between reality and fiction has grown thinner and more confusing. With sharp, clear prose and an insider's view of the media, Petrick's stories take us into a hall of mirrors where men and women struggle to understand themselves and their relationships with one another. In a climate defined by images, does love stand a chance when no one is certain what is real? In the title story, an accomplished skydiver goes airborne with a video camera to capture the love of his life, but a small oversight upends his best intentions. In qSins of the Father, q a man arriving in Huntsville, Texas, to commute his son's death sentence clashes with a documentary producer intent on chasing the story to its bitter end. In qTelling Time, q a corporate video producer, conflicted by his own immoral conduct, learns that sometimes the absolute truth is the most effective lie.early April, exactly a week after Ia#39;d purchased the car, when the lights and radio cut off without warning, the once ... It was well after midnight and there were few cars on the dark road. One of the busted streetlamps buzzed and sputtered. ... The trunk had a pair of stiff, dried out boat shoes, a half-empty can of car wax, a greasy rag for checking the oil and a damp beach towel. ... He made precise engine adjustments by ear and feel when others had to rely on the latest digital electronics.

Title:Video Verite and Other Stories
Author:William Petrick
Publisher:Pearhouse Press - 2010


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