Virtual Applications

Virtual Applications

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3D Virtual Applications: Applications with Virtual Inhabited 3D Worlds deals with the use of virtual inhabited 3D spaces in different domains of society. (Other volumes deal with interaction, production methodology and space.) From focusing on virtual reality (a reality into which users and objects from the real world should be moved) we are increasingly focusing on augmented reality (i.e. on moving computers out into the reality of real users, objects and activities). This book deals with the use of virtual inhabited 3D spaces in both contexts. Based on the structuring of the application domains, this book looks at the use of VR and augmented reality in the following major application domains: - Production oriented applications - use of VR and augmented reality for control of complex production plants, for navigation support (ships, cars, aeroplanes) and for support of collaborative work processes - Communication support applications - virtual spaces are used for supporting communication in learning environments and for support of organisational communication. Also virtual spaces are used for supporting the navigation of people in public spaces, i.e. as maps, planning tools - Scientific applications - use of 3D models for medical research; use of dynamic models for representation of abstract concepts and ideas (data-mining applications); use of dynamic 3D models for simulating biological or social processes - Artistic and cultural applications - the construction of stages representing concepts and/or emotionsThe pragmatic functions supported in (a€œafforded bya#39;a#39;) the graphic media channel by maps and networks are functions such as locating ... maps, graphs, diagrams, symbols and language) and communicating (by selecting media channels: graphic, acoustic or haptic) (May and ... A much better choice is to construct a network diagram in sound, but in the form of a virtual network covering the whole ship, andanbsp;...

Title:Virtual Applications
Author:Peter B. Andersen, Lars Qvortrup
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-03-14


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