Visions in the Dark

Visions in the Dark

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When all sorts of accusations, denials, revelations, disclosures, and leaks are swarming and spilling around the security agencies of the United Kingdom and the USA, it is worse when the Snowden effect erupts. A bruised and slightly disillusioned Commander Elaine Black, training officer and senior security advisor at GCHQ Bude Listening Facility, is plunged into a bewildering and dangerous battle to make sense of and counter a desperate threat to British Security. Headless bodies, fire bombings, threats of chemical warfare unloosed on a small West Country town, apparently straightforward murders and the killing of a policeman make Elaine Black thankful for the involvement of a pair of incorruptible and driven police detectives and the experience and expertise that they bring to the party. However, as the stakes get higher and higher, Elaine is further gratified to have two old fighting companions on side. The question is, can the team confound the multinational conspiracy that stretches to the highest echelons of British and American financial and political establishments?Speirs and Carter nodded when she mentioned the Driving Instruction firm; they were ahead of her, well ahead. ... for the enterprise; including the purchase of a dual control Ford Focus, a Ford Mondeo, top of the range and a very pleasant detached house just north of Tavistock. ... He had no special friends; no one remembered visiting his house; no one recalled a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter.

Title:Visions in the Dark
Author:Iain Morrison
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-10-29


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