Visualization in Mathematics, Reading and Science Education

Visualization in Mathematics, Reading and Science Education

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Science education at school level worldwide faces three perennial problems that have become more pressing of late. These are to a considerable extent interwoven with concerns about the entire school curriculum and its reception by students. The rst problem is the increasing intellectual isolation of science from the other subjects in the school curriculum. Science is too often still taught didactically as a collection of pre-determined truths about which there can be no dispute. As a con- quence, many students do not feel any a€œownershipa€ of these ideas. Most other school subjects do somewhat better in these regards. For example, in language classes, s- dents suggest different interpretations of a text and then debate the relative merits of the cases being put forward. Moreover, ideas that are of use in science are presented to students elsewhere and then re-taught, often using different terminology, in s- ence. For example, algebra is taught in terms of a€œx, y, za€ in mathematics classes, but students are later unable to see the relevance of that to the meaning of the universal gas laws in physics, where a€œp, v, ta€ are used. The result is that students are c- fused and too often alienated, leading to their failure to achieve that a€œextraction of an education from a scheme of instructiona€ which Jerome Bruner thought so highly desirable.However, he also stated that, although there was no significant difference in retention of information presented solely as text, there ... of 240 young childrena#39;s recall of narrative passages. They provided children in kindergarten, second grade, and third grade with short stories that had two accompanying coloured pictures.

Title:Visualization in Mathematics, Reading and Science Education
Author:Linda M. Phillips, Stephen P. Norris, John S. Macnab
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-09-02


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