Voices, Identities, Negotiations, and Conflicts

Voices, Identities, Negotiations, and Conflicts

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The volume aims to provide insights into the process of knowledge construction in EFL/ESL writinga€”from classrooms to research sites, from the dilemmas and risks NNEST student writers experience in the pursuit of true agency to the confusions and conflicts academics experience in their own writing practices. Knowledge construction as discussed in this volume is discussed from individualist, collectivist, cross-cultural, methodological, pedagogical, educational, sociocultural and political perspectives. The volume features a diverse array of methodologies and perspectives to sift, problematise, interrogate and challenge current practice and prevailing writing and publishing subcultures; and most importantly, it does so by presenting to readers that writing for publications should genuinely be for knowledge development and should not be restricted to only the considered 'knower of the game'. In this spirit, this volume wishes to break new ground and open up fresh avenues for exploration, reflection, knowledge construction, and evolving voices.Or if a textbook tells you something and you repeat it in your writing paper, then youa#39;ll get good marks. (Thanh) Personally, I think that a good essay doesna#39;t always have to be very informative but what it needs is cohesive and coherentanbsp;...

Title:Voices, Identities, Negotiations, and Conflicts
Author:Phan Le Ha, Bradley Baurain
Publisher:BRILL - 2011-01


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