Vulnerable India

Vulnerable India

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This book de-myths the oft repeated claim of a€˜natural disastera€™ and puts forward socio-economic factors as the cause for the recurrence of disasters. With this framework, the author examines the popular notion of the Vulnerable India in psycho-geographical terms and unmasks the dimensions of vulnerability itself. In doing so the author foregrounds the factors that create and perpetuate vulnerability of the marginalized sections of the society and of the nation and redefines the phrase Vulnerable India. Presenting a national level inquiry, the three sections of the book called the Fact, Response, and Reality, spell a convincing argument for why disasters recur in India. To provide a historical understanding of Indiaa€™s continued failure to adequately contain damage to life and property, the book unravels the perceptions of disasters in traditional, colonial and modern India. It redefines the debate on new terms such as a€˜disasterscapea€™, a€˜the killeda€™, a€˜disaster indexa€™, a€˜disaster dividea€™ and a€˜vulnerability clustera€™, to better represent the patterns that engender vulnerability. With the aid of exhaustive research, comparative statistical analyses and illustrative maps, it provides incisive insight into 16 different geophysicals across 594 districts of the country. This book is ideal for students of geography, environmental sociology, development studies, social work and disaster management, and also for policy makers.Source: based on cbse school curriculum, 2004, 2005 for class x, xi, xii. ... disasters Viii 5 (english, Hindi, Math- ematics, sciences and and social sciences) Manual on disaster Man- agement, november 2003 Together, Towards, a safer india.

Title:Vulnerable India
Author:Anu Kapur
Publisher:SAGE Publications India - 2008-08-01


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