Wacko War

Wacko War

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A unique and often lighthearted look at the American experience, Wacko War: Strange Tales from America, 1941-1945, is a collection of thirteen bizarre-but-true stories from World War II. The anecdotes included cover a wide range of topics, from plans to recruit bats, dogs, pigeons, and cats for military service to problems with German POWs who talked too much. Read about schemes to transform subchasers into miniature (but ineffective) aircraft carriers and experiments in a variety of bizarre training and spying techniques. Learn how the government dealt with problems arising from the housing of German and Italian POWs on U.S. soil. Discover bizarre, seldom-discussed spying and training techniques, as well as the shocking results of extremely personal surveys given to American soldiers stationed in Italy. Find out the origins of mysteries such as the qBermuda Triangleq and qPhiladelphia Experiment, q and much more. With a fresh perspective and unfaltering honesty, Wacko War manages to cast World War II in a whole new light. Book jacket.The army quickly rescinded the DSC, ruling no soldier medals were to be awarded to animals, and officials of the Military ... In such instances, the dog came complete with a leash, collar, honorable discharge certificate, and an ownera#39;s manual.

Title:Wacko War
Author:John Hammond Moore
Publisher:Ivy House Publishing Group - 2001


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