Walter Pigeon saves America

Walter Pigeon saves America

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Story about a Pigeon named Walter, living with his family and friends under a railroad bridge. Water and his side kick Eddie are two adventurous birds that discover a Homing pigeon coup, and join to capture the greatness of the pigeon past, when they were important messenger Birds. The USA comes under attack from the South, after an EMP Bomb (Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb) was detonated over the USA rendering all electricity voids, throwing the country back to the 19th century horse and buggy days. Walter and friends are drafted into the Army and become vital messenger birds that go thru dangerous times flying thru a hail of bullets from one front to another. Walter distinguishes himself, finds love and a strange confab of animal friends that help him to ultimate victory, amidst espionage, intrigue, and death of war. You will laugh, love, and bite your nails in excitement, while reading this gem of a story, sad that it has to end.Leta#39;s make their job as hard as possible.a€ a€œSounds like a ... He reset his stance and fired rapidly at the center bird. a€œGot you!, a€ he shouted as he hit the bird in the wing, causing the bird to spiral down in circles to the ground. Wasting no time, he anbsp;...

Title:Walter Pigeon saves America
Author:Richard Baron
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-01-17


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