War and Ideology

War and Ideology

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Why do men resort to war to solve their socio-economic problems? That is the question that Eric Carlton asks, and attempts to answer, in this stimulating, readable study. Relating war to ideology, this book is based on the proposition that men act as they think, and think as they believe, and that belief - religious or otherwise - conditions attitudes toward the nature and conduct of war. Carlton argues that various constellations of values, often intellectualized as ideologies, not only constitute the rationalizations and justifications for war, but may also provide the actual imperatives for warfare itself. Carlton conducts his lively discussion in a historical and comparative setting, with case studies of war in eleven societies (ancient Egypt, Sparta, Athens, Carthage, Rome, early Israel, Crusader Knights, Mongols, Aztecs, Zulus, Maoists), in each of which the enemy is differently perceived. A final section, qWar and the Problem of Values, q draws together the threads of the arguments and reaffirms the relationship between war and ideological belief and commitment.This was complemented by manual labour in the fields and on public works, and rounded off with the necessary religious instruction. ... Its society displayed ritual features which provided a legacy for the Aztecs, especially the worship of the rain -god Tlaloc and the culture-deity Quetzalcoatl, ... Huitzilopochtli (literally, a#39;the hummingbird wizarda#39;) became increasingly identified with the sun, with military ambition and expansionism, and the souls (hummingbirds) of those who died in battle.

Title:War and Ideology
Author:Eric Carlton
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 1990-01-01


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