Warrior Love

Warrior Love

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Author Roger King asks a question we may find truly challenging: Could humanity make a huge shift in consciousness and realize we are more naturally polyamorous than monogamous? In this narrative, a vulnerable story emerges when Roger and his partner separate. With heartfelt anger, love, and wisdom, Roger unveils his inner secret, admitting he is a polyamorous man--he loves more than one woman. Roger writes with disarming honesty and offers insights that can help men and women become open and receptive to love without fear. The message is simple, not always easy: You can change your thoughts with radical honesty and change your life. Men: Are you willing to love yourself and make the world safer for us to love each other? Women: Can you trust men with your love? Can we learn to replace jealousy of all types with unconditional love? Can war and terrorism stop and all types of slavery cease? Salvation lies in all of us waking up and learning to love who we truly are. qIf a male version of Louise Hay exists, Roger is it!q --Isabelle P. Walker-Lefebvre, Heal Your Life facilitator qRoger walks his talk, and it's so easy to be real around him.q --Sam Hardy, business owner Who would be fearful, critical, or jealous of you, if you changed by loving yourself and then shining that love and the powerful miracle within you to create a whole new way of being and living?Roger King. So this dream and vision is to challenge us as humans that we are born to love and be love. That if we increase (authentic) teachings of ... Imagine a culture where your partnera#39;s attraction to another created increased pleasure, joy and intimacy for you. ... A news report informed us that there is an increased awareness of sex at much younger ages, and one concerning consequence of this isanbsp;...

Title:Warrior Love
Author:Roger King
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2014-01


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