Water's End

Water's End

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An imaginative a€œstringa€ of speculative fiction started to unravel with the publication of Watera€™s Way. From there it looped and wound its way around and through Chain Speed and Kindred Spirits. And now the stage is set for Watera€™s End. A fitting conclusion filled with enough unexpected twists, turns, and fast paced action to keep even the most avid reader of suspense fiction entertained for hours. For you seea€bJack Anderson had never allowed a case, any case, to totally preoccupy him. Even those very few that had managed to avoid the Precincta€™s Closed Case File over the years had never completely engulfed his life for any significant length of time. The Bad Guys would always come and go. The citya€™s citizenry would always resume their daily lives once the media headlines softened and died away. And Maplewoods and Jack Anderson would always find their own delicate balance between human cruelty and blindfolded justice. But there was one. One case and one faceless maniac which had stuck to Anderson like glue. So tight that it opened the door to Andersona€™s early retirement. So strong its pull that it continued to gnaw at him long after he should have found a way to pry it loose. And when Jerry Lee returned, the vice-like bond of dread and hate pushed Anderson another step closer to the edge.Watera€™s Enda€bthe journey continues.A predatory host that would follow instructions and not take matters blindly into his own hands without considering ... The PWC had been loaded on the same trailer that had once carried the Sea-Doo that was now resting under a tarp and onanbsp;...

Title:Water's End
Author:Ron D. Drain
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-08-01


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