Wave Motion

Wave Motion

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Waves are a ubiquitous and important feature of the physical world, and throughout history it has been a major challenge to understand them. They can propagate on the surfaces of solids and of fluids; chemical waves control the beating of your heart; traffic jams move in waves down lanes crowded with vehicles. This introduction to the mathematics of wave phenomena is aimed at advanced undergraduate courses on waves for mathematicians, physicists or engineers. Some more advanced material on both linear and nonlinear waves is also included, thus making the book suitable for beginning graduate courses. The authors assume some familiarity with partial differential equations, integral transforms and asymptotic expansions as well as an acquaintance with fluid mechanics, elasticity and electromagnetism. The context and physics that underlie the mathematics is clearly explained at the beginning of each chapter. Worked examples and exercises are supplied throughout, with solutions available to teachers.We assume that the reader has taken basic courses in fluid mechanics, elasticity (for chapter 5), partial differential equations, vector ... Bona fide teachers and instructors may obtain full worked solutions to many of these by emailing solutionsanbsp;...

Title:Wave Motion
Author:J. Billingham, A. C. King
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2001-01-22


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