We All Killed Grandma

We All Killed Grandma

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Mystery icon and original Dutton Guilt Edged Mysteries author Fredric Browna€™s inventive and shocking novel We All Killed Grandma, first published in 1952, is available as an eBook for the first time! In We All Killed Grandma, Rod Brittena€™s first memory is speaking to the police on the phone, staring at the body of a woman with a bullet in her brain. He is completely unable to answer the policea€™s questions about who he is, where he is, or how he came to discover the woman a€” who he soon learns is his own grandmother. The killing is written off as a botched burglary, but Rod is determined to discover the truth, both about his life before the amnesia and his grandmothera€™s death. His quest entangles him with Robin, his beautiful ex-wife who he may be falling in love with all over again, but also puts him in grave danger: what does he know about the murder that his mind wona€™t let him remember? Edgar Award winning author Fredric Brown, whom Mickey Spillane called a€œmy favorite writer of all time, a€ weaves a fascinating mystery, now available to a whole new generation of readers.a€œOh, Lord, did I forget to mention that? ... he wears his cut short and sticking straight up. ... So much other stuff to tell you. ... No damage to the car itself, just some body worka€”and you decided instead of trying to touch up the paint where it was scraped off, youa#39;d have ... what touching up the paint would have cost you Chapter 3.

Title:We All Killed Grandma
Author:Fredric Brown
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-07-23


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