We Are One

We Are One

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People have sought Truth in many places and in every way imaginable. Yet, despite (and because of) all our external searching, we have not learned the obviousa€”that We are the Truth we are seeking, and that the memory of who we are will satisfy all our other needs and desires. We Are One: Using Intuition to Awaken to Truth appeals to all people who have found that the achievement of health, romance and success are not enough to inspire meaning in their lives, and to health practitioners who now have very little time to know their patients. The book's simple four-step template can be used as effortlessly for making a decision as for experiencing God. The reader will learn how to find their own truth within themselves, check the veracity other people's information, heal themselves, and remove any blocks to living a fully authentic and spiritual life. Written by Helen D. Vandeman, M.Ed., a dynamic speaker who has presented at conferences in the United States and abroad, We Are One combines the wisdom of mystics with the evidence of scientists to give intuition its rightful place in our lives.If I couldna#39;t fix it myself, I couldna#39;t have it (except my sewing machine). ... Because I had owned a VW since 1969, and a friend had given me the Stepa€”bya€” Step VW Repair Manual for the Complete Idiot, I was already ... Mike was my older brother, by one year; and he was considered a whiz kid, academically speaking.

Title:We Are One
Author:Helen Vandeman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-03-01


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