We Should Do This More Often

We Should Do This More Often

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Because 18 Years Is a Long Time to Wait In a recent poll taken by Parents magazine, 87 percent of moms admitted they dona€™t make love as often as they did before having kids, while one-third confessed their love life has taken a a€œmajor nosedive.a€ Experts say a whopping majority of moms suffer from low libido, and many of the reasons arena€™t biological. So how can you get your mojo back and start to love making love again? Get the scoop on these and other extremely hota€“and often hilariousa€“topics, including: a€c Timing that works for everyone (wea€™re not talking the next decade) a€c Keeping the ankle biters in their beds when you desperately need them out of yours a€c Why you need to make the effort (if not for your marriage, at least for your sanity) a€c Reclaiming your sexual self (shea€™s not gone forever, but is probably sleeping every chance she gets) Lorilee Craker explores the factors that put a dent in your a€œlust lifea€ and offers plenty of fun ideas for stoking the home fires again. Dona€™t miss Lorileea€™s own a€œTales from the Love Shack, a€ dish from other real-life moms, and insights from professionals to help you get in touch with your inner a€œRed Hot Mama.a€ Who knew that rediscovering romance, passion, and closeness with your husband was possiblea€“or could be so much fun? From the Trade Paperback edition.A Parentsa#39; Guide to Romance, Passion, and Other Pre-Child Activities You Vaguely Recall Lorilee Craker. knees. But their wives, they of ... Whata#39;s the news flash embedded in the hot wife/average Joe package? That ita#39;s not okay to be a sizeanbsp;...

Title:We Should Do This More Often
Author:Lorilee Craker
Publisher:WaterBrook Press - 2010-06-23


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