Wear No Evil

Wear No Evil

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Have you ever wondered, qHow can I inherently do good while looking good?q Wear No Evil has the answer, and is the timely handbook for navigating both fashion and ethics. It is the style guide with sustainability built in that we've all been waiting for. As a consumer, you regain your power with every purchase to support the causes and conditions you already advocate in other areas of your life (such as local or organic food), while upholding your sense of self through the stylish pieces you use to create your wardrobe. Featuring the Integrity Index (a simplified way of identifying the ethics behind any piece of fashion) and an easy to use rating system, youa€™ll learn to shop anywhere while building your personal style and supporting your values- all without sacrifice. Fashion is the last frontier in the shift towards conscious living. Wear No Evil provides a roadmap founded in research and experience, coupled with real life style and everyday inspiration. Part 1 presents the hard-hitting facts on why the fashion industry and our shopping habits need a reboot. Part 2 moves you into a closet-cleansing exercise to assess your current wardrobe for eco-friendliness and how to shop green. Part 3 showcases eco-fashion makeovers and a directory of natural beauty recommendations for face, body, hair, nails, and makeup. Style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. They can live in harmony. Ita€™s time to restart the conversation around fashiona€”how it is produced, consumed, and discardeda€”to fit with the world we live in today. Pretty simple, right? It will be, once youa€™ve read this book. Wear No Evil gives new meaninga€”and the best answersa€”to an age-old question: a€œWhat should I wear today?a€How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe Greta Eagan ... For instance, if I filled home base withstyle and then added organic to get to first base, that would be a great step toward sustainability, andtwoout of the four bases would be filled.

Title:Wear No Evil
Author:Greta Eagan
Publisher:Perseus Books Group - 2014-03-11


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