Weight Loss 101 - The Complete Weight Loss Guide

Weight Loss 101 - The Complete Weight Loss Guide

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Have you tried all the diets already? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Frustrated when people ask you how your diet is going? Let me tell you something that your personal trainer wona€™t tell you and you wona€™t learn at the gym: The only way youa€™ll ever lose the weight and more importantly keep the weight off is by learning how to diet and exercise for yourself. You seea€b People spend BILLIONS (yes, that billions with a a€œBa€) every year on fad diets that work for a month. Then, ounce you stop, you put the weight back on plus ten pounds. Why is that you might aska€b because no one can continually starve themselves. You see eventually youa€™ll have to eat like a normal human being. Even more money is spent on work out equipment advertised on late night infomercials promising you that youa€™ll lose 50 pounds if you just use their machine for 20 minutes a day... Come on! We all know better than that - right? The truth is sometimes wea€˜re so willing to try anything not cause wea€™re stupid but because we really want to lose weight. I mean who wouldn't want to look and feel their best? Not to mention that, unfortunately, it is statistically proven that overweight people make less money than thin people. Totally unfair, I know, but ita€™s true. So what do you need to do? Herea€™s the secret you already knowa€b The only way that youa€™ll ever keep the weight off is by educating yourself on how to do it and learning how your body works. So you finally want to keep the weight off? This book will teach you everything youa€™ll need to know to finally do so. Youa€™ll learn everything about: a€c Your genetics, specific body type and how to deal with them when it comes to losing weight. a€c Why nutritional experts are wrong when they say no carbs and no fat. a€c When you should eat the food you crave like cake and when you shouldna€™t. a€c How your metabolism works with your body. a€c The truth behind fats. a€c Different types of proteins and how they affect your body. a€c Which vitamins you should take and which ones might be making you fatter. a€c Secrets behind which protein powders work and which just make you fat! a€c Which gym equipment works and which machines are a complete waste of your time. a€c What exercises to focus on and how to do them right to make the most out of your workout a€c Not spending hours at the gym but 45 minutes and getting ten times better results etc .... I could go on and on talking about all the great information in this book. But, for now, all I want you to understand is that if you're truly committed to keeping the weight off, you will have to learn for yourself. Dona€™t count on a trainer that will cost you thousandsa€b or a piece of equipment thata€™ll only end up collecting dust in your closet. I have been personal training for over ten years and have helped thousands HELP THEMSELVES to lose weight and keep it off. And exactly that information I have now put into this book. The truth is that most people will pass up the opportunity and then tell themselves every new year's that this is the year that theya€™ll hopefully lose the weight. But I want to believe that this is not you and that you can do better. So let me ask you: Are you tired of being overweight? Tired of not feeling your very best? What are you waiting for?Focus on pushing the bar using your chest muscles. Donot lock your arms but squeeze yourchest inthe contracted position at the top of the motion, hold for a second and then start coming down slowly again. Tips and Tricks: If you are new atanbsp;...

Title:Weight Loss 101 - The Complete Weight Loss Guide
Author:Michelle Nichols
Publisher:Hauser Publishing - 2013-12-20


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