Weight Loss Success Using Six Sigma

Weight Loss Success Using Six Sigma

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qI was given the opportunity to be trained in the business improvement program called Six Sigma. Six Sigma is an improvement program that systematically improves a business process with decisions made on objective data. I applied the Six Sigma methodology to personal weight loss. qThis book discusses how Six Sigma can be applied to personal weight loss. The book uses my own weight loss experience to illustrate how anyone can apply Six Sigma to his/her own weight loss program. This Six Sigma program is not a stand alone diet, but it is a complementary program to whatever diet plan a person is using. By use of the book's concept, a person will greatly enhance the success of his/her weight loss program. qThe Six Sigma program also addresses how to maintain the weight loss. After achieving weight loss, most people end up putting the weight back on. This book also provides a method to maintain the desired weight level. Following the method discussed in the book, this diet should be the last major diet ever needed.q Additional information and blank charts are available for download at www.SixSigmaWeightLoss.comI weighed on a certified shipping scale so that I had an accurate scale reading, but I added fluctuations in the weight ... all around during the week; but as I built my weight readings, I started to see patterns and was able to improve my weight loss program. ... I used a computer spreadsheet to record my weight measurements.

Title:Weight Loss Success Using Six Sigma
Author:Sterling Thompson
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003-01-30


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