We’ve Got This

We’ve Got This

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A Cinderella story about mothers and movie stars, mud boots and Manolo Blahniks, and dreams that do come true. Katea€™s messy, happy life of kids and chaos takes a Hollywood turn when her screenplay is selected for production by a small indie film company. Theya€™ve even managed to attract a major Hollywood actor to star: Ryan Carter, the sexiest man alive. Kate should be overjoyed. After all, it was Ryana€™s furrowed brow and passionate kissing that she imagined as she wrote Lovea€™s Laboura€™s Won. But when she takes on the role of his driver, shea€™s pretty sure she wona€™t be able to hide her mortifying, inappropriate, juvenile, two-decade long crush. All she wants is a bit of extra cash, but not if it comes with a side of humiliation. The part should be perfect, exactly what Ryan needs to restart his stalled artistic engines and move past a disastrous affair. A few weeks away in a small town setting should take the edge off and leave him with a clear head and a plan for the future. All he wants is a bit of honest work, far from the trappings of fame. Neither Kate nor Ryan are looking for anything more than what a few weeks of film work can bring them, but theya€™re about to find out that first takes arena€™t always perfect and second chances are never scripted.Kicking off his shoes, he started to set his phone alarm, when there was a tap on the door. Millie bustled in with an electric blanket and some instructions. a#39;This is ... But there is this, a#39; she said and pointed to the cuckoo clock on the wall. Ornateanbsp;...

Title:We’ve Got This
Author:Rebecca Morean
Publisher:Harlequin Enterpises AU - 2015-09-01


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