What Changed When Everything Changed

What Changed When Everything Changed

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DIV Beautifully written and carefully reasoned, this bold and provocative work upends the conventional wisdom about the American reaction to crisis. Margulies demonstrates that for key elements of the post-9/11 landscapea€”especially support for counterterror policies like torture and hostility to Islama€”American identity is not only darker than it was before September 11, 2001, but substantially more repressive than it was immediately after the attacks. These repressive attitudes, Margulies shows us, have taken hold even as the terrorist threat has diminished significantly. Contrary to what is widely imagined, at the moment of greatest perceived threat, when the fear of another attack a€œhung over the country like a shroud, a€ favorable attitudes toward Muslims and Islam were at record highs, and the suggestion that America should torture was denounced in the public square. Only much later did it become socially acceptable to favor a€œenhanced interrogationa€ and exhibit clear anti-Muslim prejudice. Margulies accounts for this unexpected turn and explains what it means to the nationa€™s identity as it moves beyond 9/11. We express our values in the same language, but that language can hide profound differences and radical changes in what we actually believe. a€œNational identity, a€ he writes, a€œis not fixed, it is made.a€ /divA euphemism like this is an example of what the sociologists Stanley Cohen and Lisa Hajjar call a€œinterpretive denial. ... .harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/4420886/ torture_at_times_hks_students.pdf?sequence:1. ... For some of the accounts of the connection between the enhanced techniques and the Kubark Manual, see, e.g., Mark Danner, a€œUS Torture: ... ReleaseID:4722; see also Marian Wang and Braden Goyette, a€œBin Laden Reading Guide: How to Cut Through the Coverage, a€ Proanbsp;...

Title:What Changed When Everything Changed
Author:Joseph Margulies
Publisher:Yale University Press - 2013-05-21


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