What Every Chief Executive Should Know

What Every Chief Executive Should Know

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- How many officers do we need? - Are we efficiently using the ones we have? - Is there a relationship between the number of officers we have and our crime rate? - What's the status of our patrol car fleet? - Are citizens satisfied with our work? - What's the cost of our special programs and what are the actual benefits? Big questions that demand solid answers! This book will help you provide them! Easy to understand and designed to help top administrators use actual current information and calculations to make the kinds of informed decisions that make agencies run smoothly, efficiently and economically. You'll get step-by-step guidance on: - Evaluating whether overtime is necessary and effective - Drafting and maintaining a realistic, successful budget - Creating smart, efficient workload distributions - Analyzing cost effectiveness of special departmental programs - Learning to forecast crime...and prepare to combat it.After establishing the principal modalities, the next step is to distribute the detectivesa#39; time across three management categories: investigative, administrative and proactive activities. ... This budget plan is oriented toward control and economy.

Title:What Every Chief Executive Should Know
Author:Jon M. Shane
Publisher:Looseleaf Law Publications - 2007


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