What Happened to Goldman Sachs

What Happened to Goldman Sachs

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This is the story of the slow evolution of Goldman Sachsa€”addressing why and how the firm changed from an ethical standard to a legal one as it grew to be a leading global corporation. In What Happened to Goldman Sachs, Steven G. Mandis uncovers the forces behind what he calls Goldmana€™s a€œorganizational drift.a€ Drawing from his firsthand experience; sociological research; analysis of SEC, congressional, and other filings; and a wide array of interviews with former clients, detractors, and current and former partners, Mandis uncovers the pressures that forced Goldman to slowly drift away from the very principles on which its reputation was built. Mandis evaluates what made Goldman Sachs so successful in the first place, how it responded to pressures to grow, why it moved away from the values and partnership culture that sustained it for so many years, what forces accelerated this drift, and why insiders cana€™ta€”or wona€™ta€”recognize this crucial change. Combining insightful analysis with engaging storytelling, Mandis has written an insidera€™s history that offers invaluable perspectives to business leaders interested in understanding and managing organizational drift in their own firms.The stock market was experiencing erratic swings, the economic chaos in Russia carried the prospect of enormous losses to investment banks, the stock ... Over the Christmas holiday in 1998, while Corzine was away, Paulson made his move.

Title:What Happened to Goldman Sachs
Author:Steven Mandis
Publisher:Harvard Business Review Press - 2013-10-01


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