What is good writing?

What is good writing?

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When you write down an account of your ideas for other people to read, you have to explain yourself particularly carefully. You cannot make the mental leaps you do when you talk with others or think about things by yourself. This makes writing probably the most challenging aspect of studying. This e-book will help you to develop the basic skills and confidence required for writing by explaining what is involved in good writing and why it is so important. This e-book is an adapted extract from the Good Study GuidesSet the font size to11or 12 points and use double line spacing. You should also make sure that there are generous margins a€“ the default settings are usually sufficient.If you are writingbyhand, youressay is easier to read ifitisset out neatlyonanbsp;...

Title:What is good writing?
Author:The Open University
Publisher:The open university - 2014-01-14


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