What Is Random?

What Is Random?

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In this fascinating book, mathematician Ed Beltrami takes a close enough look at randomness to make it mysteriously disappear. The results of coin tosses, it turns out, are determined from the start, and only our incomplete knowledge makes them look random. qRandomq sequences of numbers are more elusive, but Godels undecidability theorem informs us that we will never know. Those familiar with quantum indeterminacy assert that order is an illusion, and that the world is fundamentally random. Yet randomness is also an illusion. Perhaps order and randomness, like waves and particles, are only two sides of the same (tossed) coin.For example the 23 - 2 = 6 starting values of period 3 other than 0 and 1 group themselves into the two partitions {V7, 2/7, 4/7} and {3/7, 6/7, 5/7}. Now, 2* - 2 = 2( 2*~J - 1) is an even number, and since k must be odd (it is prime), it follows that m anbsp;...

Title:What Is Random?
Author:Edward Beltrami
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1999-08-13


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