What Is the Size of Your Brain?

What Is the Size of Your Brain?

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The brain is one of the vastest organs of the human body, yet the most misused. Research shows us that only 1/3 of its parts are used. a€œThe only power on earth that can limit you is YOURSELF.a€ Ignorance is one of the strongest powers that keeps you in prison and causes you to fail. I have good news for you: you possess the key to unlock that power and unleash the infinite potential invested in you, it is called self-discovery. Thus, the aim of this book is to demonstrate that, after going through all kinds of phases the human brain is far beyond scientific discovery and their sayings more capable in achieving anything any person wishes as long as the person has the willingness to succeed against all odds, and is in connection with the Creator. The Brain is the lodge of your mind, the siege of your thought, your words, ideas, and imagination; your thinking process and your decision-making. The size of your brain is therefore defined by how you view yourselfa€“a€“you end up where you are not because of some external forces, but rather by the series of choices you make each day. You have this burning desire to express something; to accomplish something remarkable, to be recognized, to be valuable; do not settle for less. Destiny is to be discovered and not to be decided by people around you. This book highlights: the correlation between brain, mind, and body interaction and braina€“a€“heart.Foreword by Dr. Myles Munroe Veronique Strohbach. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf ( University quote) Rene Descartes Discourse on the Method (1637) Ebook, Free download Leibniza#39;s idea Internet ... 28 June 2005, by Douglas Burnham, Staffordshire University, UK Carl Gustav Carus (Book psyche, published in 1970 in Switzerland by Spring Productions) ... (www.thinkexist.com) Benjamin Disraeli (www.thinkexist.com) Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1700a#39;s Poetry (Free download Pdf format on www.

Title:What Is the Size of Your Brain?
Author:Veronique Strohbach
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2015-08-07


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