What the Dead Know

What the Dead Know

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Thirty years ago, two sisters disappeared without trace. Now a woman has turned up, claiming to be one of the missing girls... A woman causes an accident on the Baltimore Beltway, flees the scene and is later picked up wandering on the shoulder of the Interstate. The accident occurs just a mile from the former home of the Bethany family, Dave and Miriam and their daughters Sunny and Heather. Thirty years before, twelve-year-old Heather persuaded her older sister Sunny to let her tag along on a visit to the mall. Neither of the girls has been seen since. Now, the woman on the Beltway claims to be Heather Bethany. Today she has a different name; a different identity. What has prompted this woman to announce her true - if it is true - identity at this moment? Laura Lippman deftly unpeels the layers of Heather's past: revealing her parents, sister, friends, teachers, and the detective who handled the case, until the truth about what happened to Heather and Sunny on that long ago afternoon is finally uncovered.In the split second it took Davea#39;s mind to find the word cuckold and apply it to himself, he felt a twinge of pity for this ... Not too long ago, the local news had been full of stories about the governora#39;s wife, who had to learn from her husbanda#39;s press secretary that she was being divorced. ... at night, he had heard those muffled sobs in the bathroom at the head of the stairs, the one that the whole family shared.

Title:What the Dead Know
Author:Laura Lippman
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-03


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