What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports

What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports

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Politics and sports: theya€™re two of Americaa€™s greatest passions. And George Allena€”former U.S. Senator, former Virginia Governor, and son of the great NFL coach George Allen, Sr.a€”brings these two worlds together in his new book, The Triumph of Character: What Washington Can Learn From the Principles of Sports. Having spent his life with one foot in the sports arena and the other in the political arena, Allen brings his unique perspective and experiences toThe Triumph of Character. Through personal stories, anecdotes, and interviews, Allen draws both parallels and contrasts between two of our nationa€™s favorite passions. From national security, to wasteful government spending, to judicial activism, Allen proves that our government need look no further than the football field, baseball diamond, or basketball court to solve todaya€™s pressing problems. Timed to launch just before Fathera€™s Day, The Triumph of Charactershows what Washington can learn from the greatest momentsa€”and failuresa€”in sports, as well as from the spirit and principles of fair play, hard work, and keeping score.My staff and I taught stance and starts, blocking and tackling, all the things you teach a Pop Warner team. ... I got the call from my brother Bruce expressing words that we find so difficult to say or hear, a€œDad...has...died.a€ We all were stunned because Coach Allen had been in such good shape. Awhile later, I remembered the time my mother had expressed to me her fear that Dad would end up dying on theanbsp;...

Title:What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports
Author:George Allen
Publisher:Regnery Publishing - 2010-05-04


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