What Would Apple Do?

What Would Apple Do?

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Inspirations and Ideas Applea€™s must-have products add up to one giant success story. iPod, iPad, iTunes, App Storea€bthe list goes on. So whata€™s their secret? What makes Apple the most innovative company on the planet? The answer: Apple does exactly the opposite of what any other company would do. Unlike the competition, Apple develops devices and programs by concentrating on a small number of functions. Forget complex market analyses. Forget asking customers to help develop products. And, unlike Google and other internet giants, it wants you to pay for them. Apple combines traditional business thinking with the endless opportunities of the digital age. In this brave new world where brands and products are dragged into the opinion marketplace, What Would Apple Do? (short and sweet, just how Apple would do a book) brilliantly and concisely reveals how you can learn from Apple to develop compelling business ideas and market them successfully. DIRK BECKMANN, born in 1969 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, is an entrepreneur, author and lecturer. The main subjects of his work are digital business models, new technology and Design Thinking. While studying economics, he founded the digital commu-nication agency artundweise where, as managing director, he is responsible for customers including Kraft Foods, Kellogga€™s, Mars and other well-known German and international companies. The German edition of this book was nominated for a German Business Book Award. He teaches a€˜Marketing in the Digital Agea€™ at Bremen University and lectures at numerous congresses and events.Similar to the iMac, the new Apple television set is flat and has all the necessary devices integrated intoits housing. The technology disappears behind the design but is nevertheless really special; the television set consists of a screen and a computer. ... it has to offer something really new: a new technical platform for all the different market players a€“justlikethe iPodand the iPhone.Thus, the supplier thus notonlyearns moneyby selling the appliance, butalso through a new TV app store.

Title:What Would Apple Do?
Author:Dirk Beckmann
Publisher:Jaico Publishing House - 2014-05-19


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