What's Behind the Moon

What's Behind the Moon

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The story of the quiet, suburban community of Seaville, California and the hunt for a serial arsonist continues in this the 3rd novel (Volume I) of the Seaville Wildfire Trilogy. Join all the characters from the first two novels, and new characters moving into the story, as the plot takes another huge turn in the evolution of a 21st century community, and its ties to characters in Tennessee and New York. As Dr. Roger Sterling works to find his kidnapped children, he learns that there is much more to his community than he ever imagined. Just as a wildfire can break open vegetation that has been lying dormant for years, giving it new life; so too, a wildfire can also break open the secrets of a community that are lying dormant, giving these secrets new life, for better or for worse. Exactly what's behind the Moon becomes increasing apparent as the entire Seaville Valley becomes engulfed in a huge firestorm, and the community struggles to survive its own destructive impulses. Come and enjoy another thrilling ride into Human Nature and its increasing complexities.One, how to get the Jeep upright on four wheels? Two, how to get the Jeep started.a€ Rebecca had an immediate answer. a€œThe second problem is no problem . I know how to hotwire a car.a€ Shirley was starring at her daughter. a€œSince when doanbsp;...

Title:What's Behind the Moon
Author:Leighton J Reynolds
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-07


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