"What's the Science Behind It?"

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qDesign for Scienceq curricula have sprung up in middle- and high-school science classrooms in recent years, attracted by the promise of increased student motivation and improved learning outcomes to be gained from providing real-world, engineering problem-solving contexts for science concepts. But while engineering and science are deeply interrelated domains of practice, they have epistemological differences that may create difficulties for students (and teachers) engaged in such activities. This study investigated how an enacted qdesign for scienceq activity afforded and constrained development of science conceptual knowledge. The study focused on approximately two weeks of video from a middle-school science classroom in which students were challenged to design and build a balloon-powered model car for the purpose of learning about forces. The study was grounded in socio-cultural theory, employing activity theory and discourse analysis in an ethnographically-grounded approach. The study revealed that although it was not specifically addressed in the curriculum, the enacted activity requires students and teachers to engage in developing and communicating models of balloon car motion, and furthermore, that models and modeling have the potential for bridging designs and science concepts. The study contributes an epistemological framework for investigating such qdesign for scienceq activities, furthers our understanding of what happens in such classrooms, and offers a models and modeling construct as a promising way to create more effective engineering design contexts for science learning.Available: http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/dpi/standards/pdf/teched.pdf Wittgenstein, L. (1953). Philosophical investigations. (G. E. M. Anscombe, Trans.). New York: The ... APPENDIX A Sub-Activities in the Enacted Balloon-Car Curriculum 1 . 171.

Title:"What's the Science Behind It?"
Author:Mary Jean Leonard
Publisher: - 2006


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