When Gossips Meet

When Gossips Meet

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This book explores how women of the poorer and middling sorts in early modern England negotiated a patriarchal culture in which they were generally excluded, marginalized, or subordinated. It focuses on the networks of close friends ('gossips') which gave them a social identity beyond the narrowly domestic, providing both companionship and practical support in disputes with husbands and with neighbours of either sex. The book also examines the micropolitics of the household, with its internal alliances and feuds, and women's agency in neighbourhood politics, exercised by shaping local public opinion, exerting pressure on parish officials, and through the role of informal female juries. If women did not openly challenge male supremacy, they could often play a significant role in shaping their own lives and the life of the local community.frightened to pay, a#39;in regard of his wifea#39;s unmanageable tempera#39;.37 Some wives also had their own way over the ... Ghosts were associated with crimes left unpunished, and the rumours suggest that neighbours shared the husbanda#39;s strong but ... I am resolved to try | Who shall be master, you or I?a#39;39 Stories like this reflect widespread fears about a#39;unsuitablea#39; marriages. ... See e.g. The Womana#39;s \lctory: ortbe Conceited Cuckold Cudr!ffd[\6%4-alt;))\, aquot;tt\e Dyer Deceiva#39;da#39;, Pepjs Ballads, iv.

Title:When Gossips Meet
Author:B. S. Capp
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2004-07


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