When Theories Touch

When Theories Touch

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This book aims to deconstruct the different theoretical perspectives of psychoanalysis, and reconstruct these concepts in a language that is readily understood. Wherever possible this is meant not to do away with terms that are meaningful, but to attempt to clarify terms and concepts. The book comes in three sections. The first examines Freud's different theories anddescribes how Freud shifted his emphasis over time. The second section covers all the major post-Freudian theorists: Hartmann and Anna Freud (together in one chapter), Melanie Klein, Fairbairn, Winnicott, Sullivan, Mahler, Kohut, Kernberg, and Bion; and a chapter on the movement from classical theory to contemporary conflict theory. The last section deals with issues raised in contemporary psychoanalysis - issues as they pertain to the clinical situation, and the rationale for a theory of endogenous stimulation.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steven J. Ellman gained a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1968 from New York University, and ... At CUNY, he was Director of the PhD program in Clinical Psychology and is now, after thirty years as a Professor at CUNY, anbsp;...

Title:When Theories Touch
Author:Steven J. Ellman
Publisher:Karnac Books - 2010


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