When Two Cents Was Money

When Two Cents Was Money

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Abe Silverstein's standard response to the question, qSo, what kind of work did you do?q is, qHow much time do you have?q The story of his life and work experiences, from his childhood as one of seven children of poor immigrant Jews to the boardrooms of corporate America to the recording studios of the music industry to the fields of the small farmer is a quintessential American one. When Two Cents Was Money is his first literary work. He lives with his wife of 64 years, Judy, on the Upper Westside of New York City.Kinney. Service. Corporation. I. was working hard. Kinney RentACar hadgrown fromaconcepttoa company with over 6, 000 ... I arranged a meeting with the President of the Chrysler Corporation, Lyn Townsend. ... The idea wasacar rental customer would rent a car, fallin love with it andbuy it the nexttime they boughta car.

Title:When Two Cents Was Money
Author:Abe Silverstein
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-12-03


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