Where Gringos Don’t Belong

Where Gringos Don’t Belong

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Early in the evening of November 25, 2006, George Bynum, the protagonist leaves his Mexican novia Patricia among anti-government protest marchers in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico and returns to his apartment to finish a report for his employers, the Rural Development through Education Center. Before he can finish, his cell phone rings. a€œTheya€™re attacking! Killing..! They wona€™ta€bstop!a€ Patriciaa€™s voice rings in his ears. He rushes out, hoping to find her, but blinded by teargas from a federal police assault trips and has to be helped to safety. He and several others, including a young woman named Claudi Auscher, make their way back to Georgea€™s apartment. Claudi, who defines herself as a€œa Mexican Jew gypsy bitch rebela€ joins George in his efforts to reestablish contact with Patricia, who has been flown to a maximum security prison along with other innocent victims of the militarized purge. George and Claudi are fictional characters but the events in which theya€™ve become embroiled are based on the actual political and social upheavals that reverberated through Oaxaca from November 2006 through April 2007.Once theya#39;d finished the introductions Giovanatto explained goals and procedures, thanked a€œJoe Yamamoto here from Rights for ... to caution that it was important to ask each person they interviewed for permission to photograph, videotape and/or tape record their comments. a€œAnd oh, a€ a grina€”momentary, self- deprecatorya€”a€œNo pictures of me. ... George, a bland-faced Texan whoa#39;d introduced himself as a junior high school English teacher, asked how long George had lived in Oaxaca.

Title:Where Gringos Don’t Belong
Author:Stout, Robert
Publisher:Anaphora Literary Press -


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