Which programming language is the best one to learn? (2015-06-10)

Which programming language is the best one to learn? (2015-06-10)

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This is an ebook version of my free guide on programming languages (http://goo.gl/ZAO5s3) for the youngsters starting out in STEM. In this guide, I list a handful of starter languages that I consider are essential in various science and technology fields that require programming skills. This guide is not a tutorial on learning to programme, but an overview of what languages to start learning. Note that a starter language is not necessarily easy to learn. And it may not even be one of the more popular languages used in the industry. But mastering it will give you the fundamental knowledge necessary to acquire additional programming skills. I begin this guide with a bit of background by drawing analogies between human languages and computer languages. Next, I provide a short list of programming languages, which I consider are essential in various fields of science. Then, I conclude with a few tips on how best to cope with the ever-changing field of software development. Along the way, I weave fragments of computing history and bits of career advice into the discussions. My intended audience is those who are contemplating a career in science, are starting to learn how to programme, and are motivated to learn on their own. 2015-06-10: Am Reformat for better flow for Amazon Kindle (.mobi) and Google Play (.epub) Am Update contents to reflect the recent changes in the industry Am Add a section listing reference books on theory and practice Am Add author contact information 2014-06-06: Am Initial publicationRuby (hybrid functional) aƒ Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmersa#39; Guide, Thomas aƒ Ruby Functional Programming, Sanchez a€c Java aƒ Java: A Beginnera#39;s Guide, Schildt aƒ The Java Language Specification, Gosling (Java designer)anbsp;...

Title:Which programming language is the best one to learn? (2015-06-10)
Author:Amen Zwa, Esq.
Publisher:sOnit, Inc. - 2014-06-06


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