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Roxy Somerville grew up with everything. Sports cars and designer clothes were commonplace in her life. Love, affection and autonomy were not. She left her life of luxury, and traded her riches for freedom, a freedom that would lead her back to her first love. Bobby Anderson had very little in the way of wealth as a child. He had a supportive family and it made him the richest of men. For a time, he had Roxy, then she was gone. Now shea€™s back in his life, and hea€™ll stop at nothing to keep her. Once you find yourself Whipped, there is no turning back.I was screwed the minute the check engine light blinked rapidly, and the engine began to sputter. I pushed the green beast as far as it would go and pulled over to the side of the road as it died a slow death. I managed to choke out anotheranbsp;...

Author:Kelly Collins
Publisher:IndieWrites, Inc. - 2015-06-03


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