Whiskey River (Take My Mind)

Whiskey River (Take My Mind)

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In Whiskey River (Take My Mind), Johnny Bush tells the twin stories of his life and of Texas honky-tonk music. He recalls growing up poor in Houston's Kashmere Gardens neighborhood and learning his chops in honky-tonks around Houston and San Antonio - places where chicken wire protected the bandstand and deadly fights broke out regularly. Bush describes life on the road in the 1960s as a band member for Ray Price and Willie Nelson, including the booze, drugs, and one-night stands that fueled his songs but destroyed his first three marriages. He remembers the time in the early 1970s when he was hotter than Willie and on the fast track to superstardom - until spasmodic dysphonia forced his career into the slow lane. Bush describes his agonizing, but ultimately successful struggle to keep performing and rebuild his fan base, as well as the hard-won happiness he has found in his personal life.The True Story of Texas Honky-Tonk Johnny Bush, Rick Mitchell. this book. For example, Busha#39;s analysis of the importance of the pedal steel guitar in ... Busha#39;s narrative proceeds along two parallel tracksa€”one personal and one pro- fessionala€”until the trains collide just at the point where he is on the verge of national superstardom. ... He estimates that he now operates at about 75 to 80 percent of where he was in his prime, which is good enough to put any ordinary singer to shame.

Title:Whiskey River (Take My Mind)
Author:Johnny Bush, Rick Mitchell
Publisher:University of Texas Press - 2007-03-01


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