White Collar Slavery

White Collar Slavery

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Lulu Norris longs to return to her seemingly normal life. Framed by her nemesis and former boss in an insider trading scandal, Lulu must now rely on her party-boy attorney to save her from spending the rest of her life behind bars. Just as she starts to lose hope, she reads a headline that changes everything. In this fast-paced black comedy about the corruption of corporate America and one womena€™s revenge to bring it all down, the underbelly of one of the worlda€™s most prestigious public relations firms is exposed, setting off a chain of events, uncovering something much more sinister in a€œWhite Collar Slavery.a€ Based on a bit of truth and a few white lies WHITE COLLAR SLAVERY creates a comedic portrayal of what it takes to succeed in a cutthroat corporate culture. This acid-dipped satire mirrors the malfeasance so prevalent in todaya€™s workplace, exposing social and economic greed, corruption and the influence of government on corporations. Readers will eagerly follow Lulu as she and her confidants uncover a global conspiracy, rocking a powerful public relations firm. Lulu must now seek revenge against her nemesis and former boss, Lizette Hansen and her designer set of mean girls. The companya€™s reputation is in trouble and Lizette will stop at nothing to save her firm from the headlines in WHITE COLLAR SLAVERY. a€œWHITE COLLAR SLAVERY is a double dose of reality, a must read for anyone working in todaya€™s a€˜cutthroat corporate culture.a€™ It grabs you by the throat and doesna€™t let go.a€ a€”Former Wall Street Journalist a€œRassina€™s prosaic voice through his wild stream of consciousness writing style, harkens back to the hipster novels of the late 60s and 70s; together with Memolia€™s vivid storytelling makes this a classic anti-novel.a€ a€”Former Wall Street Banker... a petty rap sheet onhis driving record that read likeabad filmography: careening around South Floridain a beatup Ford Focus wagonfull ofdope smokewith knobby snow tires likehe wasa tour guide at Lion Country Safari; comingto acompleteanbsp;...

Title:White Collar Slavery
Author:Laurance Rassin; Tracy Memoli
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-06-13


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