White Rajah

White Rajah

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Sir James Brooke was an extraordinary 'eminent' Victorian, whose life was the stuff of legend.His curious career began in 1841 when he was caught up in a war in Brunei which had started because a party of local Dayaks had refused to furl their umbrellas in the presence of the Sultan. Brooke was an opportunist who, with the Sultan's backing, made war on the Dayaks tribespeople and eventually found himself ruling over Sarawak - a kingdom the size of England - as a result. How he achieved it is a romantic, sometimes horrifying story. Brooke is someone that George Macdonald Fraser would scarcely dare to invent. Errol Flynn wanted to play him in a movie, seventy years after his death and his dynasty is remembered throughout South-East Asia.2 G. Jacob, The Raja ofSarawak, Vol. II, p.263. 3 Basil Brooke Papers, Rhodes House, Oxford, MSS Pac.s.90, Vol. 2A. ... British Library, BL, Add. 45275. 1 Ibid., f. 143. Q Ibid., f.148. Q Ibid., f.150. Q Basil Brooke Papers, Vol. V, f.396. M Ibid., Vol.

Title:White Rajah
Author:Nigel Barley
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-06-20


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