Whitetail Addicts Manual

Whitetail Addicts Manual

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Whitetail Addicts Manual provides whitetail hunters, whether they are novices or experts, with the information they need to understand the biology and behavior of white-tailed deer. This information will enable hunters to understand how deer, especially trophy-class whitetail bucks, act on a seasonal and daily basis and how they react to the daily, changing conditions around them. This book will help hunters know how to locate deer in existing conditions each day and will also arm them with highly successful archery and firearms tactics and techniques for each rut phase. Ultimately the content will successfully provide enthusiasts with the information and skills that will make them more successful hunters regardless of hunting conditions. Written by a nationally recognized big-game expert, the content is based on his more than 20 years of research, studying how trophy whitetails behave in a range of conditions. The content contains several chapters on biology and behavior of North AmericaA†s most popular big-game species and several different tactics and techniques for scouting, observing, locating, patterning, and hunting. All techniques were developed by the author when he was professional hunting guide and outfitter for more than 15 years. Whitetails are the most popular species to hunt in North America and interest continues to grow from both men and woman of all ages. This book is also the complete guide to the species, so it's great for researchers and biologists, as well, in that it is the complete study of the species and its behavior. The knowledge that hunters gain from this book will not only help them be more successful hunters it will help them take more trophy bucks -- the goal of all whitetail addicts. Discusses firearm, muzzleloading and archery techniques.In this way I could learn how the deer reacted to all those vehicles driving down the county roads and into the woods and fields, ... Didna#39;t the hunters know that the deer regularly used the logging roads and often crossed the county road right where they had parked their vehicles? Didna#39;t they know that any deer that saw the vehicles would probably not use the trail, and probably would not have returned toanbsp;...

Title:Whitetail Addicts Manual
Author:T. R. Michels
Publisher:Creative Publishing International - 2007-09-01


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