Who Killed Simon Peters?

Who Killed Simon Peters?

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The King is dead. A nation mourns... Having clawed his way up from C-list obscurity to the pinnacle of A-list superstardom, media personality and self-proclaimed King of Saturday Night Television, Simon Peters is found dead in 'suspicious circumstances'. Deluded, self-obsessed and with an ego the size of Coventry, Simon trod on so many toes, stabbed innumerable backs and slept with a lot of the wrong people in his ever-more desperate search for fame. The bitter ex-agent, the ruthless manager, the jilted ex-girlfriend, the rival game-show host and any number of members of the viewing public who'd had to sit through his shows - each and every one had reason to hate Simon. But who would hate him enough to want to see him dead? Investigative journalist David Mulryan looks back on the career of this light entertainment legend in his search to answer the burning question: Who Killed Simon Peters? Taking you inside the mind of a man who is dying to be famous, this deliciously funny novel takes a sideways swipe at show business, slaps the face of the television industry and gives a friendly poke in the eye to our celebrity-obsessed culture.... the gleaming Java Black supercharged 4.2-litre V8 Range Rover Sport sitting next to the shining brand-new Bentley Continental GTC with its 12-cylinder, 6-litre , twin-turbocharged engine. Ia#39;m not sure what any of the technical stuff means, anbsp;...

Title:Who Killed Simon Peters?
Author:Paul Hendy
Publisher:Random House - 2010-05-05


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