Who Owns the World's Media?: Media Concentration and Ownership around the World

Who Owns the World's Media?: Media Concentration and Ownership around the World

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Media ownership and concentration has major implications for politics, business, culture, regulation, and innovation. It is also a highly contentious subject of public debate in many countries around the world. In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi's companies have dominated Italian politics. Televisa has been accused of taking cash for positive coverage of politicians in Mexico. Even in tiny Iceland, the regulation of media concentration led to that country's first and only public referendum. Who Owns the World's Media? moves beyond the rhetoric of free media and free markets to provide a dispassionate and data-driven analysis of global media ownership trends and their drivers. Based on an extensive data collection effort from scholars around the world, the book covers thirteen media industries, including television, newspapers, book publishing, film, search engines, ISPs, wireless telecommunication and others, across a ten to twenty-five year period in thirty countries. In many countries--like Egypt, China, or Russia--little to no data exists and the publication of these chapters will become authoritative resources on the subject in those regions. After examining each country, Noam and his collaborators offer comparisons and analysis across industries, regions, and development levels. They also calculate overall national concentration trends beyond specific media industries, the market share of individual companies in the overall national media sector, and the size and trends of transnational companies in overall global media. This definitive global study of the extent and impact of media concentration will be an invaluable resource for communications, public policy, law, and business scholars in doing research and also for media, telecom, and IT companies and financial institutions in the private sector.See Project methodology Metro (Belgium), 37, 38, 39, 40 Metro (Portugal), 265 Metro (United Kingdom), 428 Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, 90 Metro Group (South Africa), 997 Metro International Group (Sweden), 207, 646 Metroland Media Group , 499 Metro PCS, 538 Metropolis, ... 1167, 1190, 1315 Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), 830, 831, 841, 899, 900, 906 MIDI Television network, 994 MIH Holdings, anbsp;...

Title:Who Owns the World's Media?: Media Concentration and Ownership around the World
Author:Eli M. Noam, The International Media Concentration Collaboration
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2015-11-13


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