Why Astrology is Science

Why Astrology is Science

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In todaya€™s world, at least 90 percent of Americans under age thirty are said to know their Sun sign, yet no one has ever really delved into answering the question: Is astrology really a science? Tapan Das earned master and doctorate degrees in electronic engineering and his passion for astrology is evident as he shares the results of his years of intense research into the fascinating and complex realm of astrology and cosmology. Das clarifies why astrology is based on statistical analysis, provides reasons why astrology is a science, and explains each reason in detail. A concise overview of astrology is included, providing an introduction describing why astrology can predict how the stars and planets will influence a persona€™s life, positively or negatively, and explaining both the past and present as well as outline the future. Why Astrology is Science: Five Good Reasons is written for scientists, astrologers, and those with a keen interest to learn a new perspective on astrology that is sure to inspire a renewed sense of wonder about stars and planets and how their patterns and relationships hold significant meaning for all of us.The horoscope chart is a wheel that shows the cosmic picture at a persona#39;s moment of birth. The wheel ... In order to create a birth chart, it is absolutely essential to learn about two things: the ephemeris (a good source is Alan Leoa#39;s Casting theanbsp;...

Title:Why Astrology is Science
Author:Tapan Das, PhD
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-05-22


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