Why Can't Americans Understand Me?

Why Can't Americans Understand Me?

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a€c Do you try to avoid speaking English to Americans? a€c Are you nervous? Anxious? Worried or afraid to a€œlose facea€? Or do you stutter when you are forced to speak English to Americans? a€c Are you frustrated when Americans dona€™t understand you? Do you feel helpless when they still dona€™t understand after your repeated attempts at explanation? a€c Are you embarrassed when Americans misunderstand what you say? I, too, had all these feelings. Numerous books and courses have appeared on the market since the author started learning English as a second language 40 some years ago, of which 30 of those years were spent here in the United States. Throughout this long period of time the English speaking capabilities for the Chinese has not improved. Why? This book suggests TWO short and straight answers to ALL these questions. A unique a€œ66Englisha€ teaching system introduced in this book and its accompanying 66English.com site provides the solutions to overcoming your negative feelings and your concerns towards English-speaking communication. The book and the website also presents several shortcuts on how to improve your English-speaking skills instantly, and addresses the a€œgetting rid of the Chinese English accenta€ challenge.... is (626) 584-9999. To share my phone number in conversation, normally I would say only the seven-digit phone number: a€œfive eight four, nine nine nine ninea€ or a€œfive eight four, ninety-nine ninety-nine.a€ If the other party asks for the area code, anbsp;...

Title:Why Can't Americans Understand Me?
Author:Kenneth I Ma
Publisher:Advantage Media Group - 2013-12-01


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